Friday, 5 January 2018

Connection between Burning Mouth and Gut Problem

You don’t have to worry if you have never asked your dentist about maintaining gut health, even though you should ask this question. When we talk about problems in gut health, we recall in mind certain conditions such as gastric issue, indigestion, or bloating. Sometimes, gut problems do not show up. In those situations, the only way you can know if you have a gut problem is to check your mouth. If your mouth is burning, you definitely have the gut problem to address. And, it also strengthens the statement that mouth is essentially an entry point of the entire body. If your oral health is good, it will be easy for you to ensure better overall health.

Why it is important to maintain gut health?
When we talk about gut health, it is not about avoiding indigestion only. It is rather about taking care of 100 trillion bacteria which reside in the digestive system. The existence of these bacteria is very important if you want to ensure better overall health of your entire body.

Gut of human body is basically linked to the several systems of human body including mental system, energy levels, weight, and even behavioral characteristics. Consequently, if gut faces problems, the problems can arise in several systems such as body weight, nutrition absorption in the body, and cholesterol levels maintenance. Some other problems which can arise as a result include fatigue, depression, and high blood sugar. Therefore, if you want to improve your mood, metabolism, energy level and sleep quality, you will need to treat your gut issues on very first priority.

Symptoms to watch out for
Oral health is pretty much related to the gut health. As a matter of fact, mouth is the integral part of gut. The digestive system starts from the mouth and ends at rectum. And it is worth mentioning here that several signs of gut health issues show up in the mouth. Therefore, if you have the problem of dry mouth, sore tongue, or burning on the oral cavity, you will need to look more closely to the health of your gut. If these problems remain persistent, you may be suffering from a condition known as anti-parietal cell autoimmunity (APCA).

Things you can ask from your dentist

Although a dental office deals only with the dental and oral health issues, you can ask about the situation of your gut health from your dentist. More specifically, your dentist may be able to tell you about APCA in detail.